ok on 7/13 the nassau county drill has it listed in the motorized and also old fashioned for the same start times--is this a combo drill or is it... Show more

bones1134 Yes the Nassau County Drill is the Motorized and OF combined into one drill there is no NC Parade this year as far as the other Parades the lineups... Show more 4 months ago

Our Mission

NYS Drill Teams is a professional league of volunteer firefighters from across NY State who compete in firematic competitions. These competitions are geared towards honing basic firefighting proficiencies, developing and fostering teamwork, character-building, commitment, discipline, physical fitness and conditioning. Participation in the league complements each fire department's primary function of emergency response to fires, medical emergencies, and other calamities, while instilling members with a life-long commitment to serving their community as highly skilled volunteer firefighters.

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